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PPJS Pumping Units Are available in the following sizes:


All units come with:

  • High-mount or Direct-mount, bridle, carrier bar, tie-downs, full or partial belt guard, mesh perimeter guards.
  • Gear reducer – Double Circular Arc gearing.  Extra Oilers – Able to run 1 SPM.
  • Horse Head – Cut out to reduce wind impact.
  • Equalizer bearing assembly – Heavy duty needle roller bearing, with cross pin connection to walking beam.  Made from Forged Steel Housing.
  • Saddle – Double tapered roller bearings used.
  • Stroke Length – ALL UNITS have 4 possible stroke lengths.
  • Belt Guard – Full or half guard available.
  • All units are complete with EcoRASTER – (see Brochure).
  • Only Premium Grease and Premium I0 100 Gear Oil with XM5 additive are used.

All units are test run for 200 hours with max load.
All units are pre-assembled and checked.
All units have a lower set height which converts to less gravel needed to set.
All units are complete with a 3-year warranty on parts and limited labor.

ECORASTER Technology

ECORASTER Technology: Ground Stabilization and Erosion Control
With each of our pumpjack units, we supply ECORASTER technology which is an effective solution for ground stabilization and erosion control for even the most challenging site conditions. When lease conditions are very soft and unfavourable for conventional gravel pads, ECORASTER’s patented safety interlocking cells prevent migration of infill material and provide solid structural support.

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