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Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise at Prairie Gold Pumpjack Services include but are not limited to:


  • Unit Sets
  • Inspections
  • Repairs
  • Stroke Changes

Detailed Maintenance Program

Prairie Gold Pumpjack Services also develop and implement detailed maintenance programs to ensure your pumpjacks are operating optimally.

Our assets include:

  • Five 3-ton trucks outfitted with welders
  • Air compressors & air tools
  • 9-ton Hiab Cranes
  • 3 skid steers for on-site repairs to keep your pumps pumping

Pump Jack Installation

Supplying our expertise, service through our partnership network, and top-quality equipment, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best value to our customers. Our pumping units are superbly engineered, quality constructed units

Ground Stabilization and Erosion Control ECORASTER Technology

At Prairie Gold Pumpjack Services, we have used the ECORASTER in many applications under oilfield pumping units. It is primarily used when lease conditions are very soft and not favourable for a conventional gravel pad. We found that when using ECORASTER in very soft or muddy lease conditions, we could compact gravel on top of the ECORASTER much better than without it.

We have noticed that when using ECORASTER, there has been far less settlement of the soil beneath the pump unit.
We always recommend ECORASTER to our customers for use under oilfield pumping units, as the ground in our area has been very wet for the past several years. At Prairie Gold Pumpjack Services, we have noticed a dramatic reduction in the number of re-sets and alignments needed when the ECORASTER has been used.

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